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Petition regarding the situation in Belarus

Background (Peramble):

The recent presidential elections in Belarus held on December 19th, 2010 where victory was claimed by the incumbent Aliaksander Lukashenka saw an unprecedented level of fraud and corruption. As with several earlier elections, these were not recognized as fair by independent European observers. Belarusian authoritarian regime turned this major democratic process into a gigantic farce with the single purpose to legitimize yet another term in power for “Europe’s last dictator”.

When the righteous indignation brought Belarusians to the streets of Minsk, the regime unleashed an unprecedented war against those who dared to raise their voice against countless falsifications. Peaceful protest was crushed by militia and KGB. Thousands were brutally beaten. Hundreds arrested. Trampling over the right of people to exercise their free will to vote, Lukashenka demonstrated his contempt for accepted democratic principles and norms, proving once again that these are but not for his own use.

Five presidential candidates, namely, Ales Mikhalevich, Uladzimir Niakliayev, Vital Rymasheuski, Andrei Sannikov and Mikola Statkevich were imprisoned alongside with over 600 other protesters. Unjust detentions, arrests and searches in the days following the elections were aimed at stemming out any opposition in the country. During recent raids on headquarters of European Radio for Belarus, Belarusian PEN Centre, Nasha Niva weekly, KGB agents questioned staff, searched the premises and seized office computers and equipment. Lawyers of the imprisoned protesters have been threatened by the government authorities. The autocratic regime has made it utterly clear that it is prepared for anything to maintain the status quo.

A number of world democracies including Canada and the US protested the violence in Belarus. The Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Lawrence Cannon in his recent statements condemned “the violence used against the demonstrators, in particular the beating and detention of many of the opposition leaders”. The Minister “strongly urged the authorities to change direction and to uphold democratic principles, respect for human rights and the rule of law. The people of Belarus deserve to have their voices heard without fear of violent retribution.”


We, the citizens of democratic Canada, strongly protest against brutality, arrests, and mass repressions towards the opponents of the current regime in Belarus following the Election Day of December 19, 2010.
We urge the Government of Belarus to immediately release the arrested presidential candidates Ales Mikhalevich, Uladzimir Niakliayev, Vital Rymasheuski, Andrei Sannikov and Mikola Statkevich as well as all others who were detained and arrested during and after the protests of December 19th, 2010

We call on international community not to recognize the flawed election results of December 19th, 2010.

We join the civil initiatives in Belarus calling on a re-run of presidential elections without Aliaksander Lukashenka

The Undersigned
You can put your signature on this letter, leaving your name and place of residence as a comment

Categories: Petitions
  1. Joanna Survilla
    2011/01/02 у 2:12 PM

    Joanna Survilla, Gatineau (Quebec)

  2. Yuri Chevtchenko
    2011/01/02 у 2:14 PM

    Maria Ganko, Toronto

  3. William Maloney
    2011/01/02 у 2:55 PM

    Thanks for the opportunity to help.

  4. Eric Wachmann
    2011/01/02 у 4:01 PM

    Eric Wachmann, Waverly, Iowa

  5. Andrei
    2011/01/02 у 4:09 PM

    Табаленка Андрэй, Аттава

  6. marie laure swiderski
    2011/01/02 у 5:08 PM

    with all my best wishes that this new Year give Belarus People a chance, with the help of the free world, to make their voices heard and their wishes for freedom and respect of human rights realized. ML Swiderski

  7. Pavel Balamout
    2011/01/02 у 6:58 PM

    Pavel Balamout, Maple, Ontario

  8. Anastasia Kolas
    2011/01/02 у 7:13 PM

    Anastasia Kolas

  9. 2011/01/02 у 7:39 PM

    Agree fully with petition.

  10. Andy Kusi-Appiah
    2011/01/02 у 8:02 PM

    I fully support this petition, and I urge all peace loving and fair minded individuals across the globe to support it.

    Thank you kindly,

    Andy Kusi-Appiah
    Diversity Concepts

  11. shabnam Asadollahi
    2011/01/02 у 8:06 PM

    Ottawa, Canada

  12. Tour
    2011/01/02 у 8:09 PM

    Free Belarus

  13. Françoise Blanc
    2011/01/02 у 8:50 PM

    Montréal Québec Canada

  14. Zina Gimpelevich
    2011/01/02 у 9:57 PM

    Zina Gimpelevich, Waterloo, Ont.

  15. Louis Kovacs, Ottawa
    2011/01/02 у 10:06 PM

    Aliaksander Lukashenka, your end cannot come soon enough, but come it will.

  16. Olga Sansom
    2011/01/02 у 10:20 PM

    Time to join the free world Belarus!

  17. Lisa Schwartzman
    2011/01/02 у 11:10 PM

    Lisa Schwartzman, 701 King st West, Toronto Ontario Canada M5V 2W7

  18. Eduard
    2011/01/02 у 11:48 PM


  19. Dina Shkolnikova
    2011/01/03 у 7:52 AM

    I support this petition. Human Rights have to be restore!

    Dina Shkolnikova

  20. Andrei Basatski
    2011/01/03 у 8:41 AM

    Etobicoke (Ontario)

  21. Vessy Panayotova
    2011/01/03 у 9:02 AM

    Democracy for Belarus and Belorussians

  22. Natalia
    2011/01/03 у 9:07 AM

    Natalia Kolos, Toronto

  23. Aleh Shablinski
    2011/01/03 у 9:26 AM

    Aleh Shablinski, Toronto, Ontario

  24. Luba Bilash
    2011/01/03 у 1:58 PM

    I fully support this cause! Please support the people of Belarus! Human RIGHTS are not a privilege!

  25. Norman Epstein
    2011/01/03 у 3:34 PM


  26. Leonid Birinberg
    2011/01/03 у 8:40 PM

    Doloi Lukoshenko!!!

  27. Larisa Krutik
    2011/01/04 у 10:01 AM


  28. Eeffix
    2011/01/04 у 10:08 AM

    Eeffix, Paris France.

  29. Ананім
    2011/01/04 у 10:18 AM

    Francine Boult
    Gatineau Qc

  30. Farid Esna
    2011/01/04 у 10:23 AM

    We had exactly the same situation in Iran a year ago. I completely understand and support.
    Toronto, Canada

  31. 2011/01/04 у 10:57 AM

    Alina Tananka, Mississauga, Ontario

  32. M. Paula Survilla
    2011/01/04 у 12:20 PM

    Paulina Survilla

  33. christinakolodij
    2011/01/04 у 1:38 PM

    I support this petition and people’s civil rights and freedoms to express their views.

  34. D. Quiggin
    2011/01/04 у 1:42 PM

    Thank you all for your advocacy regarding this very serious Human Rights matter.

  35. Ананім
    2011/01/04 у 1:51 PM

    Shakila Persad, freedom for everyone, let people decide for themselves, after all, we are each responsible for our own souls

  36. Yuliya Iskendzerava
    2011/01/04 у 2:44 PM

    Yuliya Iskendzerava. San Francisco, CA

  37. Iryna Varabei
    2011/01/04 у 8:01 PM


  38. 2011/01/04 у 10:31 PM

    Rita Rudnicki – free the voice and people of Belorus democratically

  39. Yury
    2011/01/05 у 7:16 AM

    Yury Satsukevich, Toronto

  40. Anton Varabei
    2011/01/05 у 9:17 AM

    Toronto, Ontario

  41. Aaron Rahim
    2011/01/05 у 9:47 AM

    Guelph, ON

  42. Dima Ryshkevich
    2011/01/05 у 9:50 AM

    Dima Ryshkevich, Toronto, Ontario

  43. Dima Ryshkevich
    2011/01/05 у 9:51 AM

    Dima Ryshkevich

  44. Ананім
    2011/01/05 у 10:18 AM

    C Denov

  45. Lisa Newman Greenspan
    2011/01/05 у 10:40 AM

    I support this petition.

  46. Ian Pietras
    2011/01/05 у 10:55 AM

    London, ONtario

  47. Ананім
    2011/01/05 у 11:26 AM

    Diana Carapet, Toronto

  48. Diana Carapet
    2011/01/05 у 11:26 AM

    Diana Carapet, Toronto

  49. Chris Fruetel
    2011/01/05 у 12:17 PM

    I support this initiative.

  50. Rachel O'Reilly
    2011/01/05 у 12:46 PM

    Guelph, Ontario

  51. mariespeech@yahoo.com
    2011/01/05 у 1:07 PM

    Marie Gallo, TOronto, ON.

  52. 2011/01/05 у 1:14 PM

    Best wishes for success with this outrageous situation in Belarus.

  53. Iryna Aksionava
    2011/01/05 у 1:53 PM

    Toronto, ON

  54. Alide Forstmanis
    2011/01/05 у 4:06 PM

    Alide Forstmanis, Kitchener ON

  55. orest
    2011/01/05 у 4:13 PM


  56. Bayden Pritchard
    2011/01/05 у 4:20 PM

    Guelph, Ontario

  57. 2011/01/05 у 7:21 PM

    To Our neighbours up the river of Daugava! Be strong. This pestilence can not kill all of the patriots and freedom lowing peoples in Belorussia nor elsewhere Veritas omnia Vincit. Gunars Šūbiņš, A Canadian, born in Latvia.

  58. 2011/01/05 у 7:22 PM

    To Our neighbours up the river

    of Daugava! Be strong. This pestilence can not kill all of the patriots and freedom lowing peoples in Belorussia nor elsewhere Veritas omnia Vincit. Gunars Šūbiņš, A Canadian, born in Latvia.

  59. Olena
    2011/01/05 у 9:14 PM

    Olena, Toronto, ON

  60. Anastasiya Androsik
    2011/01/05 у 9:56 PM

    Mississauga, Canada

  61. 2011/01/05 у 10:19 PM


    Belarusan American Community Center ‘Polacak’ support this petition.

  62. Ананім
    2011/01/05 у 10:57 PM

    Dot Quiggin
    Toronto, Canada

  63. Stephanie Boulanger
    2011/01/06 у 1:59 AM

    Guelph, Ontario

  64. Dzmitry Elyashevich
    2011/01/06 у 9:27 AM

    I fully support this petition.

  65. Klavs Zichmanis
    2011/01/06 у 11:57 AM

    Klavs Zichmanis Toronto

  66. Katya Atalina
    2011/01/06 у 12:57 PM

    I fully support this petition. He can not be president all his life.It is not legal !

  67. Dan Hunt
    2011/01/06 у 1:00 PM

    Dan Hunt, Toronto, ON

  68. Mike Anderson
    2011/01/06 у 2:46 PM

    Mike Anderson, Toronto, ON

  69. Anna King
    2011/01/06 у 4:23 PM

    Toronto, ON

  70. Robert Romanchuk
    2011/01/06 у 5:03 PM

    Associate Professor of Slavic, Florida State University

  71. Pamela Jordan
    2011/01/06 у 5:09 PM

    Best wishes to the human rights defenders in Belarus!

  72. Uliana Roskina
    2011/01/06 у 5:57 PM

    Uliana Roskina, Edmonton, AB.
    I support this petition

  73. Mariya Silvaroli
    2011/01/06 у 7:00 PM


  74. Alexandra Popoff
    2011/01/06 у 9:04 PM

    Alexandra Popoff, Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)

  75. Oleh Ilnytzkyj
    2011/01/06 у 9:16 PM

    Edmonton, Alberta

  76. Mal Davies
    2011/01/06 у 10:20 PM

    against all violence!!!

  77. Andrew B. Pernal
    2011/01/06 у 11:29 PM

    3826 Point McKay Road NW
    Calgary, Alberta
    T3B 5B8

  78. Olga Ponichtera
    2011/01/06 у 11:54 PM

    Toronto, Canada

  79. John Stanley
    2011/01/06 у 11:57 PM

    Toronto, Ontario

  80. Svitlana and George Krys
    2011/01/07 у 1:56 AM

    Svitlana and George Krys, Edmonton (Alberta)

  81. 2011/01/07 у 2:45 AM

    Freiburg University, Germany

  82. Kamilla Kovaleva
    2011/01/07 у 11:00 AM

    Toronto, Canada

  83. R. Connie Wawruck-Hemmett
    2011/01/07 у 2:08 PM

    for a truly democratic political system in Belarus

  84. R. Connie Wawruck-Hemmett
    2011/01/07 у 2:10 PM

    With hope for a truly free and democratic political system in Belarus

  85. joseph schallert
    2011/01/07 у 7:50 PM

    In support of democracy in Belarus.

  86. Alexander
    2011/01/07 у 10:16 PM

    No dictatorship in Belarus!

  87. 2011/01/08 у 11:24 AM

    Rashed Chowdhury, Montréal, Québec

  88. Jars Balan
    2011/01/08 у 1:34 PM

    It is time for civilization to make history of all dictators, and for humanity to embrace human values. In solidarity with the people of Belarus struggling to create a democratic society,

    Jars Balan, Edmonton, Alberta

  89. Anastasiya Schomaker
    2011/01/08 у 9:11 PM

    Anastasiya Schomakaker, Toronto, ON

  90. Irina Loikianova
    2011/01/08 у 9:12 PM

    Irina Loukianova, Toronto, ON

  91. Anastasiya Schomaker
    2011/01/08 у 9:14 PM

    Anastasiya Schomaker, Toronto, ON

  92. Irina Loukianova
    2011/01/08 у 9:35 PM

    Irina Loukianova
    Toronto, Ontario

  93. Lyudmyla Pavlyuk
    2011/01/09 у 10:40 AM

    Lyudmyla Pavlyuk, Ukraine

  94. Mary Wahl
    2011/01/09 у 10:55 AM

    I believe in democracy and humane rights for all people. I support this petition.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  95. Antonina
    2011/01/09 у 4:45 PM

    Antonina Teneva, Ontario

  96. maryam
    2011/01/09 у 6:48 PM

    Toronto, canada

  97. Vitalina Datsiouk
    2011/01/09 у 7:12 PM

    Montreal, Quebec

  98. Caroline Howes
    2011/01/09 у 8:29 PM

    Caroline Howes
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  99. Marcelle Jubinville
    2011/01/10 у 12:44 PM

    Marcelle Jubinville, Ottawa, Ontario

  100. Egest Gjinali
    2011/01/11 у 12:06 AM

    The only revolution that makes a difference, is the one lived inside oneself.

    “Tiziano Terzani”

  101. Gabriela Ilie
    2011/01/11 у 12:50 PM

    Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

  102. Gregory Lefevre
    2011/01/11 у 2:03 PM

    Stratford, USA

  103. Emina Gamulin
    2011/01/11 у 2:11 PM

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  104. Piotr Murzionak
    2011/01/11 у 5:55 PM

    Piotr Murzionak, Ottawa, Ontario

  105. ljiljana
    2011/01/11 у 8:47 PM

    Ljiljana Vasic

  106. goran vasic
    2011/01/11 у 8:48 PM

    Goran Vasic Toronto

  107. ljiljana vasic
    2011/01/11 у 8:51 PM

    Ljiljana Vasic Toronto

  108. Datsiouk Andrew Quebec
    2011/01/11 у 9:22 PM


  109. Maria Blake-Sokolova
    2011/01/12 у 8:39 AM

    My full support to democratic forces opposing the appaling dictatorship. Long live freedom and democracy!

  110. Alena Edwards
    2011/01/12 у 8:57 AM

    Alena Edwards, U.K.

  111. David Potashnikov
    2011/01/12 у 10:19 PM

    David Potashnikov, Miami, Florida

  112. Liudmila Ershova
    2011/01/12 у 11:42 PM

    Liudmila Ershova, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  113. Clare Atkins
    2011/01/13 у 11:13 AM

    Clare Atkins, Toronto

  114. Brian Ho Hing
    2011/01/13 у 11:36 AM

    Brian Ho Hing, Milton Ontario. Justice

  115. Gagik Karapetyan
    2011/01/13 у 1:12 PM

    Toronto, ON

  116. Joe Mismas
    2011/01/13 у 4:42 PM

    Joe Mismas, Columbus, OH

  117. DREW
    2011/01/13 у 5:41 PM


  118. Jonathan Gil
    2011/01/13 у 5:42 PM

    Jonathan GIL, Toronto CANADA

  119. Guillaume DREW
    2011/01/13 у 5:45 PM


  120. Droual Charles
    2011/01/13 у 8:55 PM

    France supports Human rights and Democracy in Belarus

  121. Iryna Toustsik
    2011/01/14 у 1:20 AM

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  122. Alexei and Olga Paretski
    2011/01/14 у 11:06 AM

    Alexei and Olga Paretski, Toronto, Canada

  123. natalia
    2011/01/14 у 11:46 AM

    Toronto ON Canada

  124. Josephine
    2011/01/15 у 10:53 AM

    Toronto, ON

  125. M Craig
    2011/01/18 у 5:19 PM

    Mississauga, ON

  126. Alex Chevtchenko
    2011/01/27 у 9:49 PM

    Toronto, Canada

  127. Michael Nalley
    2011/01/27 у 9:50 PM

    Toronto, Canada

  128. Angela Osmond
    2011/01/27 у 9:51 PM

    Angela Osmond, Toronto, Ontario

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